A one-stop shop for those wanting to digitize and put archives online.

We’ve been digitizing newspaper archives, primarily bound volumes, for years but have noticed quite an increase in organizations eager to have their archive content scanned and placed online. Readers expect to be able to easily search old newspapers for information — they want that information at their fingertips. Gone are the days of people traveling to the newspaper office to go through bound volumes or sitting at a library looking through microfilm. We’re often the first stop for newspaper publishers wanting an easy and affordable way to digitally preserve and make their archives online accessible.

We’re also finding an increasing number of historical societies and local museums contacting us to digitize different historical materials including newspapers. Those organizations may have received grants or other funding and are looking for an efficient way to scan the content and have it uploaded for online access. We have great new tools for easy management of the new online historical resource.

How does it work? We provide customers with shipping containers, we organize shipping, scan the materials (even delicate and fragile archives), return the original archive to the customer and we place the digital archive online where it can be searched and enjoyed. Contact us to learn more about how to get started. You can email Karen@smalltownpapers.com or call our office at 360.427.6300.

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