A look back at life in America.

There is perhaps no more interesting and entertaining reading than going through historic editions of newspapers.  You may hear people say, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” From advertisements to columns detailing social life in town, you learn a lot about a community by perusing newspaper archives. Here is a great example – check out an article from the Dayton Daily News (click here) which includes an ad where someone was looking for “used false teeth” and another looking for the owner of a found carrier pigeon.  It was the earliest form of Facebook or Nextdoor.

What’s best about newspaper archives today is that people are beginning to recognize the value of the content they hold — and they understand that the history these original editions contain, should never be lost.  Just check out how one newspaper felt when a reader brought a bound volume containing original newspapers into the office – sheer delight. (read the story here) Digitizing will preserve newspaper pages so that you see them just as they were printed.  You are able to enjoy and search the advertisements, photographs and articles.

Ask your local newspaper to digitize their archives if they haven’t already.  ArchiveInABox is a service that can help them digitize any newspaper archives (printed, bound volume and microfilm) and host them online where they can be easily and conveniently accessed and searched. If you own newspaper archives, contact us to find out how to take steps toward digitally preserving them for the world to explore and enjoy.  Email us at paulj@smalltownpapers.com.

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