Let your archive work for you in 2017.

What is your archive content going to do for you next year? Will it help bring in more readers? Engage your community? Create a fresh new source of revenue? ¬†SmallTownPapers can show you how your archive can do all of those things and more. We not only help digitize and place archive content online, we also show organizations how they can pay for digitization, market the online archive and use it to create new revenue streams. ¬†We make it easy to digitize and put archives online so that the historical content is not only digitally preserved and protected… but it also works for its publisher.

>>Before you give your archive to another institution to scan/digitize, read this article about the importance of maintaining ownership and control of your content.

While many are just getting started with digitizing their print archive material, some publishers are already thinking about how to preserve their ‘born digital’ or online content and make it part of their official archive. We have created a solution that houses all archive content – print and born digital – in one, easy to access place.

Contact us today to learn more and get started putting your archive online for all to enjoy and explore.

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