Creative Methods Newspapers Are Using To Afford Archive Scanning

Guardian 6-18-21 to 6-10-22 Damage_binding 2Newspaper publishers are understandably nervous about their bound volume and loose printed archives. On one hand, they are desperate to have their increasingly fragile newspaper archives scanned and placed online where they can safely be searched by their own staff and the community but on the other hand, they are intimidated by the thought of what it might cost to make that happen.

Today, newspapers are finding creative ways to afford to have their archive scanned. Two newspapers we’ve worked with are talking about the successful methods they used to raise enough money to scan and place their entire archives online. ┬áThe secret was their going to the community and asking for support. No one is more eager to have that history online than the people and businesses in the communities the newspapers serve.

There are several ways to go about it. Some newspapers today are going to the community and securing sponsors for the archive digitization – it’s simply selling sponsorships like they do advertising. For businesses, they receive public recognition of their commitment to the community along with print and, in some cases, online promotion.

For Arkansas Catholic Newspaper and The Jewish News of Tidewater, the approach was similar but more of a true community campaign.  Read their case studies below to learn how they did it and you can contact us for more information.

>>Arkansas Catholic Newspaper
>>The Jewish News of Tidewater (Virginia)





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