How do you find historic newspapers that were never microfilmed?

CrowleyIt’s exciting to see growing resources of historic newspapers which have been digitized and made online accessible.  But what you’ll find is that most have been digitized from the newspaper’s microfilm archive.  What about newspapers that never created microfilm versions?

Many newspapers, most from small markets across the country, weren’t able to afford microfilm copies of their newspaper archive.  Instead, their archive consists only of single copies of old issues bound into volumes for each year the paper existed.  Many newspapers have lost some of the volumes, they’ve been damaged or, in one case we heard about recently, people going through the bound volumes literally tore out pages they wanted to keep.

SmallTownPapers helps these newspapers digitally preserve their history.  The company specializes in scanning the delicate bound volume or loose printed archives and the newly created fully-searchable digital images show the page as it was originally printed.  The newspapers are shipped in military grade shipping containers, the papers are scanned intact and then returned to the newspaper.  The searchable digital archive is then made online accessible through SmallTownPapers.

We hear repeatedly from archivists, historians and those working on genealogy and ancestry research that they are relieved to finally have a resource for newspapers that didn’t have the easier-to-digitize microfilm archives.

SmallTownPapers is constantly scanning for our customers and we’re finding that groups with original copies of yearbooks, newsletters and other documents are now turning to SmallTownPapers to help them scan the only remaining copies of their material and they find great value in having the searchable content hosted online for them.

Check out the newspapers in our database today or contact SmallTownPapers for information on how it can help  your organization preserve its documented history.

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