SmallTownPapers – Invaluable Resource for Archivists & Historians

AlmaNewspaperWe recently received a great message from Wabaunsee County, Kansas Historical Society archivist Greg Hoots.  Great had just discovered past issues of his local newspapers on SmallTownPapers and commented, “While we have an archives of actual hard copies of many, many bound newspapers, having these scanned papers is so good for me as a researcher. I cannot thank you enough.”

The Alma papers are in the SmallTownPapers free program with issues being scanned and placed online as they’re completed –   We were able to find out which, if any, particular years Greg needed then ensure they’re available as soon as possible for him.  If you’re looking through the archives on our site and you don’t see the year you’re looking for, please let us know and we can follow up for you.  We always like to hear from those using the site to research and look through newspaper archives.  Use the comment box or email  Thanks, Greg, for your feedback!

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