MONEY names best places to raise a family.

MONEY has released its top ten list of the best places to raise a family now. The list might not be what you expect as the top spot was secured by a New Jersey borough. Click here to read about North Arlington, New Jersey.

Here’s the rest of the magazine’s list and you can click here to read about each community.

1. North Arlington, New Jersey
2. Monterey Park, California
3. Fishers, Indiana
4. Wylie, Texas
5. Lone Tree, Colorado
6. Olive Branch, Mississippi
7. Dickinson, North Dakota
8. Villa Park, Illinois
9. Arlington, Massachusetts
10. Ashburn, Virginia

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Hoping to keep the local newspaper alive.

A newspaper in Washington state is hoping to find a new buyer – everyone agrees on the importance of the local small town newspaper and its community coverage.  “They’re kind of the glue that holds things together, that provides merchants a way to reach their primary market and connect community members who are curious in being involved and working for change in their community,” Fred Obee with the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association said.

Click here to read more about the search for someone to continue to make an invaluable contribution to the community.

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We want our local newspaper back.

As many newspapers across the country are closing up shop, one community is working to bring their local newspaper back. In South Dakota, they’re having meetings and brainstorming ways to start the newspaper and reconnect the community. One person said it’s really needed, “I think it would be fabulous that, if we had that. There’s a lot of business opportunity here in the NVN area, Newell, Vale, Nisland, and it would be a tremendous help to everybody here. There always happenings here between the school, local businesses, group activities, so rodeos. We always have something.”

Click here to read more about what they’re doing in Newell, SD to get their local small town newspaper back.

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Saving America’s Small Towns

The words “small town” conjure up images of a quaint, tree lined main street and community rich with friendly characters but there’s so much more going on in America’s small towns today. Many are fighting to survive — they’re looking for ways to draw people to their streets.  One town wants not to bring back old industries that closed but instead is looking at how to appeal to people working in larger surrounding cities who want a calmer and more relaxed area to live.  Click here to read more about saving America’s small towns.

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A look back at the interesting history of one town’s newspaper.

A Washington town’s newspaper history is explained thanks to the availability of the town’s newspaper archive collection available through the local genealogical society.  The information goes back to the 1800s and includes a rather controversial editor.  Click here to read the article about Edmonds, Washington.

Having a digitized newspaper archive makes it easier to research local history – it’s critical for historians, genealogists, reporters and more.  You can encourage your local newspaper, historical or genealogical society to digitize their newspaper archives and make them online accessible and searchable via any Internet connection. We help make it easy to do – they can simply contact us to learn how to get started.

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Imagine life without local news.

One American small town experienced an unconventional approach to saving the local newspaper – a college student stepped in. Running the paper is described as a “labor of love” but that college student has been impressed by the community support he received, ““I don’t know what motivated everyone to say so loudly that ‘We want the paper. We want to keep the paper in Brinkley. We don’t want to lose it.” Unfortunately, not all small towns are so lucky. Click here to read about what happened in Brinkley, Arkansas and what’s happening with other local newspapers in the area.

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A one-stop shop for those wanting to digitize and put archives online.

We’ve been digitizing newspaper archives, primarily bound volumes, for years but have noticed quite an increase in organizations eager to have their archive content scanned and placed online. Readers expect to be able to easily search old newspapers for information — they want that information at their fingertips. Gone are the days of people traveling to the newspaper office to go through bound volumes or sitting at a library looking through microfilm. We’re often the first stop for newspaper publishers wanting an easy and affordable way to digitally preserve and make their archives online accessible.

We’re also finding an increasing number of historical societies and local museums contacting us to digitize different historical materials including newspapers. Those organizations may have received grants or other funding and are looking for an efficient way to scan the content and have it uploaded for online access. We have great new tools for easy management of the new online historical resource.

How does it work? We provide customers with shipping containers, we organize shipping, scan the materials (even delicate and fragile archives), return the original archive to the customer and we place the digital archive online where it can be searched and enjoyed. Contact us to learn more about how to get started. You can email or call our office at 360.427.6300.

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A look back at life in America.

There is perhaps no more interesting and entertaining reading than going through historic editions of newspapers.  You may hear people say, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” From advertisements to columns detailing social life in town, you learn a lot about a community by perusing newspaper archives. Here is a great example – check out an article from the Dayton Daily News (click here) which includes an ad where someone was looking for “used false teeth” and another looking for the owner of a found carrier pigeon.  It was the earliest form of Facebook or Nextdoor.

What’s best about newspaper archives today is that people are beginning to recognize the value of the content they hold — and they understand that the history these original editions contain, should never be lost.  Just check out how one newspaper felt when a reader brought a bound volume containing original newspapers into the office – sheer delight. (read the story here) Digitizing will preserve newspaper pages so that you see them just as they were printed.  You are able to enjoy and search the advertisements, photographs and articles.

Ask your local newspaper to digitize their archives if they haven’t already.  ArchiveInABox is a service that can help them digitize any newspaper archives (printed, bound volume and microfilm) and host them online where they can be easily and conveniently accessed and searched. If you own newspaper archives, contact us to find out how to take steps toward digitally preserving them for the world to explore and enjoy.  Email us at

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Essential archive management for newspapers

SmallTownPapers announced the latest release of its flagship service platform ArchiveInABox now allows newspapers to consolidate all archive content in one place. Publishers are given a dedicated web page and management interface to archive all their articles, whether published in print or on their website, and can now upload their weekly PDF print editions. All uploaded content is indexed for search within the platform and external public search engines.

Free online access to the complete archive engages readers and generates revenue for the newspaper through its own local advertising posted on the archive webpage. Publishers can also opt to push articles to premium content providers with a royalty component. Use of the platform by publishers is free, and when ready, publishers can begin digitizing bound volumes and microfilm archives which are also hosted in the platform.

Contact us to learn more – call (360) 427-6300 or email

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Let your archive work for you in 2017.

What is your archive content going to do for you next year? Will it help bring in more readers? Engage your community? Create a fresh new source of revenue?  SmallTownPapers can show you how your archive can do all of those things and more. We not only help digitize and place archive content online, we also show organizations how they can pay for digitization, market the online archive and use it to create new revenue streams.  We make it easy to digitize and put archives online so that the historical content is not only digitally preserved and protected… but it also works for its publisher.

>>Before you give your archive to another institution to scan/digitize, read this article about the importance of maintaining ownership and control of your content.

While many are just getting started with digitizing their print archive material, some publishers are already thinking about how to preserve their ‘born digital’ or online content and make it part of their official archive. We have created a solution that houses all archive content – print and born digital – in one, easy to access place.

Contact us today to learn more and get started putting your archive online for all to enjoy and explore.

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